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The first soundtrack was relased on the 7th, July 2010 and composed by Shougo Kaida with music by Rayflower who sung the 1st opening and ending


  • † e・ter・ni・ty †
  • Uragiri no nai Sekai made [TV version] by Rayflower
  • Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru <Eigou no Shirabe>
  • The story of prince and princess
  • the battle with Duras
  • Me wa Yaiba Kami wa Yoru <Brand Zess>
  • past and sadness
  • Raintree calling
  • dust to dust
  • Proof of life
  • sublime
  • Tsuki ni Tsukareshi Kokoro
  • Kaeranu Hibi Shiroki Ashita
  • Anata ni Mamorarete
  • Peace of mind
  • Hakanaku Tsuyoku Tattoi Mono
  • Bloody†Cross (Luka=Crosszeria)
  • Zweilt Imashime no Te
  • Ai wo Kou Tsuyosa
  • "Dareka" wo Omou Namida no Ato ni
  • Aoi Ito [TV version] by Rayflower


The second soundtrack will be relased on the 8th, September 2010 and composed by Shougo Kaida with music by Rayflower who sung the 2nd opening and ending


  • Last Valse
  • Inishie [TV version] by Rayflower
  • Gisei to Daishou
  • Ano Sora no Shita de
  • Operations
  • A Lament
  • Raziel no Kagi
  • Perplex: Cconfuse: Delude
  • Kimi ga Iru kara
  • Inori
  • Rest for a moment
  • Kono Toki yo Eien ni
  • Essentiality
  • Ballade
  • Distress
  • Enemy
  • Ensemble for the Warriors ~Kizuna~
  • Madousho ~Grimoire~
  • In the Darkness
  • Opast: Infernus
  • Akuma Shoukanshi ~ Giou Reiga
  • Battle ability of Zweilts
  • A Lost
  • The courage ~Yuuki~
  • Kizuna [TV version] by Rayflower

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