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Occupation: Drug Snatcher
Speciality: Lock Pick, Con Man
Age: 22 years old
Blood Type: O
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Extras: Has falling in love with his current partner, Taki. Also likes cute, delicate-looking men, meat dishes, Corona beer and Lucky Strikes.


Occupation: Drug Snatcher
Speciality: Jujitsu, sharp-shooting, good with machines and computers
Age: 22 years old
Blood Type: A
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Extras: Has strong feelings for his partner, Goh. Also likes women, fish dishes, Gin and Marlboros.

about YELLOW

Yellow is a four-volume yaoi manga by the manga-ka artist, Makoto Tateno. It tells the story of two elite drug "snatchers" (couriers), Taki and Goh. The title "Yellow" means to represent their relationship and their job because of the colours of a traffic light; GREEN means go, RED means stop, and YELLOW is a warning of risk.

"Green is "forward", and Red is "stop". Yellow is "Risky". If you dare, go forward at your own risk!"

The manga itself is a blend of adventure, romance, and high tension, but does not involve a seme-uke relationship that is commonly present in and/or attributed to the genre of yaoi. Instead, both Goh and Taki are represented as equals in terms of power and physical appearance. While Taki is decidedly heterosexual, Goh is proudly a homosexual and is very much smitten by Taki. Beside Goh's insistent advances on Taki, both have a very strong bond of friendship. Their relationship is understandably complicated; Taki is quite sure of his own sexuality, but has feelings for Goh that goes beyond 'friendship' and is not ready to accept that he does indeed love his partner, who happens to be a guy no less!. Crossing that YELLOW line is a risky thing indeed!

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