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Senshirou & Kuroto

Kuroto Hourai + Voiced by: Kamiya Hiroshi

A professional shogi player prodigy who is very quiet and serious by nature. But, once he decides to do something he'll put full effort into doing it even if it means quitting something he loves e.g. shogi. He gained a love for Shogi after he was taken in by Senshirou's grandfather. He lost his original partner during the previous war and Senshirou is now his second partner.

Senshirou Furuori + Voiced by: Hino Satoshi

A zweilt-in-training and is a klutz by nature. He is Tsubaki's fiance by an arranged marriage decided by the family and decided to become a zweilt after his grandfather was killed by the Opast Cadenza whilst protecting him and Kuroto. He has a love for calligraphy.



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