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Renai Sousa Volume 1

When Takashi Okumura hired Kei Yamashior, an interior designer, to fix up his place, he never expected to pick up a lover at the same time! But the two have pretty strong personalities and both are intent on taking the lead and setting the pace of their relationship. Will Okumura’s sweet talk or Yamashiro’s pride win out in the end?

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Renai Sousa Volume 2

Okumura, the director, and Yamashiro, the designer, have finally graduated from flirtation to romance. Only they won’t admit it. The two are too proud to express feelings of love and affection. But when a third wheel – a brash and handsome bartender named Sasatani – shows up and boldly states his intention to court Yamashiro, will Okumura finally admit his love to Yamashiro? And will Yamashiro admit to loving him back?

Taken from Juné, Buy from Amazon.com

Renai Sousa Volume 3

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