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about Gravitation Sound Stories

Eight audio dramas were produced for Gravitation, featuring most of the seiyuu of the TV and OVA series. Five retell events from the manga series, while the remaining three cover new story material. The drama CDs also contain musical tracks performed by the original Japanese voice actors.

Cast: Nakano Hiroshi (Matsumoto Yasunori), K (Okiayu Ryoutaro), Seguchi Mika (Tsuru Hiromi), Sakuma Ryuuichi (Yamaguchi Kappei), Sakano (Koyasu Takehito), Shindou Shuuichi (Seki Tomokazu), Suguru Fujisaki (Takimoto Fujiko), Uesugi Tatsuha (Ishikawa Hideo), Seguchi Touma (Orikasa Ai), Yuki Eiri (Inoue Kazuhiko), Eiri's Father (Fujimoto Yuzuru)

Sound Story III - Release Date: 2002/08/07

about Gravitation

The story surrounds an aspiring singer, Shuichi Shindou, and his band, Bad Luck (formed with his best friend Hiro). Shuichi want to become Japan's next big thing, and follow in the footsteps of the famous idol Ryuichi Sakuma, lead singer of the now-disbanded legendary group Nittle Grasper. One evening, Shuichi is writing lyrics for a song when his paper is blown away by the wind and picked up by a tall blonde stranger. The man dismisses Shuichi's hard work as garbage, which hurts Shuichi deeply. Despite his anger, he is intrigued by the stranger. This will be their first, but not last, encounter, as Shuichi becomes fascinated by the stranger, who soon turns out to be the famous romance novelist, Eiri Yuki (real name: Uesugi).

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