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about Nekrateholic/Necratoholic

Sakuya used to be a fearsome high rank vampire until he fell in love with Atsumi. Now, he's fallen so low that he can't even drink other people's blood because only Atsumi's blood suits his taste. The problem is, Atsumi is not only a guy, but also a vampire hunter... Their love is more than just complicated, it's a game of life and death for them both!

Taken from Juné

why Nekrateholic/Necratoholic

Nekrateholic also known as Necratoholic is written by the manga-ka, Maguro Wasabi (aka Kazuko Higashiyama of the manga Tatics). This manga is not only a very erotic yaoi title, but contains a lot of humour and action. One of the better Vampire yaoi titles I've read and certainly one of my favourites. Beautiful art, smexy plot and lots of S&M Vampire goodness!

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Sakuya is or more like was a high-ranking Vampire, but ever since his sexual encounter with Atsumi, a dhampir (half vampire, half human) vampire hunter; Sakuya is unable to stand the sight and smell of blood unless it belongs to Atsumi that is.

Unfortunately for Sakuya, Atsumi disappeared soon after their tryst and now his only nourishment is that of the pureness of roses…

Meanwhile, Sakuya's manservant Balaur worries about his master's constant depression and his loss of interest in the family business; running a love hotel and S&M services.

But one day, Atsumi returns, tricking Sakuya into thinking he is no longer hunting vampires, and that he is now a regular human being and is an insurance salesman no less! And in hopes of making some quick cash, Atsumi keeps trying to sell Sakuya life insurance, which he obviously does not need because he is a vampire with a long life span and all...

Passion, comedy, angst, action and betrayal are ensured.

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