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  What this Fanlisting is about

I Am, is a fanlisting devoted to the relationship between Higurashi Kagome & Kikyou from anime/manga series InuYasha by Manga-ka artist Rumiko Takahashi. Our story starts 50 years past, an evil demon called Naraku desires to posses a Jewel, known as the Shikon no Tama (Jewl of Four Souls), that will grant the ultimate of all power to whom ever wishes upon it. The Shikon no Tama is being protected by Shinto priestess Kikyou, an innocent victim of Naraku's deceit. Kikyou and her lover, Inuyasha are tricked into betraying one another as a result, and end up dying.

Now, fifty years later, Kagome Higurashi is pulled through an old well at the bottom of her yard into feudal Japan; where she discovers Inuyasha who was bound to the Goshinboku tree (God tree) by Kikyou's arrow and frees him & through a tangled web of events they continue to work together to collect the shards of the Shikon no Tama, in which Kagome accidentally shattered with her arrow. Kagome also goes onto find out that she is also the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyou, and so has also inherited her power and Hama no Ya (Sacred arrows).

Kikyou is later revived by the witch, Urasue and forced to thrive off the souls of the deceased, which her Shinidamachuu collect for her, because her soul has already been reincarnated in the form of Kagome. Urasue manages to track down Kagome and kidnaps her forcing her soul to leave her body to enter Kikyou's clay-made body. However, Kagome ends up calling it back to her own body, and Kikyou goes on with only part of a soul. Kikyou still loves Inuyasha, but Kagome does now also and Inuyasha's heart is caught between the two.

  Kagome & Kikyou's Relationship

Credits for some summaries are taken from; Wikipedia (General) & Till the End of Time (R,33,98,151)

Kagome & Kikyou may have one of the more complex relationships in the series. Kagome being reincarnated with Kikyou's soul five hundred years after said priestess died you can't deny that they do have things in common and that there are some similarities between the pair: their purity, their spiritual power, and their love for Inuyasha... as well as a striking physical similarity.

Ref: Episode 33, Volume 13; Chapters 123-124: In the beginning of the series, Kikyou hates Kagome, who she sees as a copy who has stolen her soul and sided with the one who betrayed her. Kikyou also sees Kagome as someone not necessarily worth going too far out of her way to kill, but definitely not someone worth saving.

Ref: Episode 98: Kagome, while she doesn't exactly like Kikyou, doesn't exactly hate her, either. Over the passage of time, Kagome even begins to understand Kikyou and at least sympathizes with her; saving her life several times because "someone would be very sad" if she were to die. Kikyou, at this point, is baffled at Kagome's selflessness, but never thanks her.

Ref: Episode 151, Volume 32; Chapter 309: At a much later time in the journey, Kagome saves Kikyou of her own will not because Inuyasha would miss her, but simply because she doesn't want Kikyou to die. She does feel sorry for her; Kikyou has been badly wounded by Naraku's Miasma at this point, even if Kikyou does not feel pain, Kagome still feels remorse over her weakness. This only serves to confuse Kikyou even more. If there was any doubt in Kagome's heart, the hole in Kikyou's chest wouldn't have been filled, it is now replaced by warmth from Kagome's healing & strength.

Ref: Volumes 46; Chapters 452-458: Naraku has finally lured Kikyou out and trapped her in corrupting spider threads. Inuyasha and Kagome attempt to come to her rescue, but become ensnared themselves. Kikyou is slowly beginning to weaken as dangerous amounts of miasma is spreading through out her clay body from Naraku's first attempt at her life at Mt Bakurei. Kagome offers to heal Kikyou like before (Ep151, Vol 32; Chp 302)… but the only way is to use Kikyou's own bow to purify the wounds, as Kagome reaches for it the bow-string snaps—Kagome has also been tainted by Naraku and therefore cannot purify Kikyou. However, Kagome is not ready to give up on saving Kikyou and leaves to obtain a bow from Azusa mountain~where her heat is tested to see if she is worthy or not of saving Kikyou's life…

Ref: Volumes 47; Chapters 459-464: This brings us to the most recent of the Manga arc; and in my opinion the change-around development of Kagome and Kikyou's relationship. In volume 46, Kagome finally came to terms with the bond that Inuyasha and Kikyou share, she proved that she has nothing to compete against, nor that Kikyou has anything over her and Inuyasha's relationship & in a sense she is Kikyou's equal when it comes to the three-way relationship they all share. Kagome is still heavy-hearted over her close encounter with phantom Kikyou, but Inuyasha soon set things on the straight—Kagome's heart is still pure. Meanwhile, Naraku has now reappeared and taken a hold of the weakened Kikyou; his plan is to kill her, but Inuyasha arrives in time to save her unaware that Naraku has hidden the tainted Shikon no Tama inside of the weakened priestess… Kagome soon discovers this and shoots Kikyou—but it is not enough to heal her wounds. Kikyou is dying… Kagome couldn't save Kikyou's life this time, a now tearful Kagome watches Inuyasha carrying a (smiling maybe even peaceful-looking?) Kikyou to her final resting place…

"I'm sorry, Kikyou… I'm sorry… Don't Cry Kagome… My soul has been saved…"

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