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Mind Games

The previous owner, Tyler originally named this fanlisting Mind Games because the relationship between Leon and Ada is pretty much the same through-out the games. Ada always betrays Leon in the end but they also care for each other.

Leon & Ada

During Leon's probe of the RPD precinct in RE2, he meets another survivor named Ada Wong, a woman who claimed she was looking for her missing boyfriend, John. They soon developed a bond, and Leon even took a bullet for her, fired by Annette Birkin. Leon and Ada managed to fight against most of the enemies, but soon, Ada is wounded by a mutated William Birkin's claw. During that time, Leon had found out from Annette Birkin that Ada was actually a spy, and only came to steal the G-virus. However, Leon doesn't believe this until Ada tells him herself. Some time later, Ada saves Leon's life when he is cornered by Mr. X. She shoots the Tyrant on its back to get its attention, successfully doing so. She is then attacked, grabbed and raised up by the tyrant, in which she then retaliates with a series of gunshots to its face, making the tyrant fall into a lava pit. However, Ada was mortally wounded in the process. She then told Leon the truth about everything. Ada shortly falls unconscious, which Leon mistakes for death. (Source: RE Wiki)



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