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  extras: Inuyasha Koukyou Renga

CD Track Listings

1. Change the World
2. Every Heart
3. Owarinai Yume
4. Dearest
5. Fukai Mori
6. Shinjitsu no Shi
7. I Am
8. Grip!
9. My Will
10. Inuyasha Gensou [Bonus Track]

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Released Date: July 9th, 2003
Published By: avex trax
Where to Buy:
-  Yesasia.com (US$25.99)
-  CDJapan.co.jp (US$24.93)

  Fukai Mori Symphonic Extras

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Track Number: 5
Duration: 04:14
Size: 9.70MB
Bite Rate: 320kps
Sample Rate: 44khz
Compressed: Winzip
P/W Protected: Yes (hover here)

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Track Title: Fukai Mori (深い森)
Arrangement By: Kazuki Kuriyama
Artist: Do As Infinity
General: 2nd Ending Inuyasha Theme (eps.21-41)
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