What is a Fanlisting?

What is a fanlisting? As stated at the The fanlistings.org, a fanlisting is a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor, actress, singer, etc.. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject.

  What is this Fanlisting about?

Kaze no Uta Song of the Wind, is a fanlisting devoted to the Symphonic Fukai Mori theme from the anime/manga series, Inuyasha. This beautiful orchestrated instrumental version of the 2nd Inuyasha ending theme "Fukai Mori" (深い森) by Do as Infinity, is arranged by Kazuki Kuriyama and can be found on the Inuyasha album release of Wind - Inuyasha Koukyou Renga (Symphonic Theme Collection).

  Why the symphonic theme?

"I love the original version done by Do as Infinity and this one definitely does not disappoint. It's a must listen for any fan of DAI & Inuyasha Music lovers!"

Personally, Fuaki Mori is one of my favourite Inuyasha Themes, originally vocalised by Do As Infinity, a popular J-music group that have actually contributed performances not only for the IY 2nd ending theme, but the 5th ending theme, Shinjitsu no Uta and Rakuen, the 4th Movie ending theme. Kazuki Kuriyama, the arranger for the symphonized version of Fukai Mori, has done the original song justice; the arrangement is beautifully composed and I especially admire the combination of the electrical guitar and instrumental interlude. In all, it has to be one of the best examples of a classical music adaptation, easily making it rival that of DAI original.

If you're interested in finding out more about the song &/or Wind Album, visit the extras section.

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