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Iason & Riki

Riki "the Dark", a slum mongrel without an ID number and leader of the gang Bison and considered therefore to be the lowest of the lowest meets one day Iason Mink, a Tanagura elite Blondie; the most powerful man in the city and Jupiter's favourite. Iason saves him from being killed by a gang and Riki tries to pay his debt by offering his body to Iason. Instead, Iason makes him his pet. Riki is taken from the slums to live with Iason, making Riki leave his gang behind without an explanation.

Iason keeps Riki, who is bound to Iason with a penis ring, as his pet for three years. Riki being his pet causes a lot of rumors and commotion amongst the other Blondies. Not only is Riki considered to be too old to be a pet but also he is a human mongrel which is frowned upon. The other Blondies question Iason and his motives yet Iason refuses to give up Riki whom he has grown very attached too. Iason't friend, Raoul, warns him that Jupiter does not approve of this relationship but Iason refuses to listen.



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