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Hakudoushi, (Hakudoshi) is one of Naraku's many detachments. When Naraku first attempted to rid himself of Onigumo's heart, Musou was born, but Naraku discovered it was too early to dispatch his heart and so reabsorbed Musou. Later on in the series at the Hakureizan (Mount Hakurei), he tried again to rid himself of his heart. Thus he created a new offspring, a baby (Akago). The baby was split it two halves while using his power on a monk (Master Shinsen). One of the halves remained as a baby, while the other grew up as a child, who named himself Hakudoushi. Much like Naraku, Hakudoushi's heart is not inside his body, so he is able to endlessly regenerate himself, he is the sixth detachment of Naraku.



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