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The Okumura Brothers & Shiemi

My Ao no Exorcist OT3! The relationship that Shiemi shares with the Okumura twins is an inseparable bond of friendship, trust and love.

Yukio first meets Shiemi at the age of 13, while visiting the Exorcists shop with Shirou. Yukio, at the time, is still in training to be an Exorcist/teacher when he is introduced to the shop owner’s daughter, Shiemi a shy girl who takes an instant liking to him. From their first meeting Shiemi has called Yukio by the name; “Yuki-chan

Rin meets Shiemi years later, also while visiting the Exorcists shop with Yukio. At first Shiemi mistakes Rin as a demon due to his breaking the seal on the gate that guards Shiemis grandmothers garden. Rin assures Shiemi that he not a demon and they soon become friendly when Rin finds that Shiemi cannot move her legs and offers to help Shiemi with her flowers.

When Yukio discovers that his brother is with Shiemi, Rin is surprised to find out that his brother and Shiemi already know one another and that Yukio is there to check on the condition of Shiemi’s legs, which have been infected by a demon. Shiemi suddenly collapses and the demon makes itself known, clearly angry that Yukio has come to exorcise it!

Together the Okumura brothers unite to defeat the plant demon which has a hold of an unconscious Shiemi and using her as a shield, but thanks to Yukio’s quick thinking and Rin’s final blow the demon is soon destroyed and Shiemi is free from its possession and her legs are finally free to move once more.

It is obvious that Rin takes an instant liking to Shiemi when he finds out that he and she are a lot alike in that they both feel responsible for the death of a loved one.

Rin is quick to discover that his little crush is crushing on his own brother and that Yukio also shares a soft spot for Shiemi.

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