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Season: Six
Opening Theme: Angelus (154-167)
Ending Themes: Brand New World (149-165)
Inuyasha Jar: Sesshoumaru, Rin, Jaken
Music: Kaoru Wada
Art Director: Sakuma Shin'ichi
Episode Number: 162
Episode Title: Sesshoumaru-sama to Eien ni Issho
Translated Title: Together Forever with Sesshoumaru-sama
Air Date: 08/09/04
Episode Type: Filler (Non-canon Manga)

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The ominous glow of a fire attracts the attention of the new exterminator talent in town - a group of monks under the guidance of their sensei, Ungai. Sensing a demonic presence, the exterminator team races to the scene of the disturbance. The glow is a village in flames but its attackers are human - marauding bandits. The thugs demolish the town, terrorizing the villagers. A lone figure watches the chaos with distain from the top of a hill -- Sesshoumaru. The brigands spot Sesshoumaru and move in to attack but it's a fatal error as Sesshoumaru dispatches them with effortless elegance. Ungai and his monks arrive but see the destruction, not true culprits. Believing Sesshoumaru is responsible for the ruined village Ungai tries to exterminate the demon lord, failing miserably.

Ungai doesn't like to lose to demons and he vows to destroy Sesshoumaru. Ungai and his exterminators also unwittingly cause problems for other members of Sesshoumaru-gumi: Inuyasha and the gang keep losing business to the new group of 'demon-busters'. Even Miroku's smoothest sales pitch can't salvage their latest job application: rescuing missing village children from a 'pied piper' creature named Ongokuki.

Meanwhile, as Ungai travels through the forest, he and his exterminators discover Rin. Feeling a demonic presence, Ungai harasses Rin and she escapes on Au-Un. A human child's involvement with a demoni beast weighs heavily on the disapproving monk. Rin returns to Jaken, worried about the exterminators and Sesshoumaru's absence. Jaken treats her concerns lightly making her feel useless and burdensome. Rin knows Jaken is being a jerk, but she's still upset, dozing off to sleep fitfully. Rin is almost asleep when a weird, flutelike music bewitches her and she walks into the depths of forest, entranced by the odd tune. Waiting for her in the shadows is Ongokuki, the demon who steals children, and he leads Rin away into the darkness.

Elsewhere, Inuyasha and the team camp for the night. Miroku is depressed about the competition beating them out of a job. On cue, Ungai and his team arrive at their campsite. His young competitors perplex Ungai: a monk, a female exterminator, an oddly dressed miko and demons Kirara and Shippo strike him as an unorthodox and unprofessional team. And, on this night of the new moon, Ungai certainly doesn't like the vibe he receives from his encounter with the team's sixth member -- the smart-mouthed kid in the red kimono with the big katanna! After an unpleasant exchange with Inuyasha, Ungai and his exterminator leave. Inuyasha and company decide they don't like Ungai anymore then he likes them!

Ongokuki and Rin arrive at his mountain lair where she's corralled with the missing village children. Rin doesn't mix well with the other kids who are terrified by their captor. After a failed attempt to cheer the others, Rin calmly waits for her chance to escape. Later, Ongokuki's attention is attracted outside the cave to a wonderful sight: a group of children just waiting for his spell. Picking up his pipe, Ongokuki plays his bewitching tune, but the children don’t respond. Drawing closer to investigate, the demon discovers the children are straw decoys. Ungai's monks rush out and circle Ongokuki pelting him with prayer beads and ofuda. Weakened by the attack, Ungai aims his staff at the creature, vaporizing the demon. The monks release the kidnapped children who happily greet their saviours - except for one little girl who stubbornly remains in the cave. When Ungai goes inside to get her, he recognizes Rin. Seizing Rin, she threatens him with Sesshoumaru and Ungai realizes his fortune having found the perfect bait to lure his nemesis to extermination. Ungai's wait for his enemy is brief when Rin's cries for help attract Sesshoumaru right away. Ungai's team performs their drill of destruction but it only irritates the demon lord. The commotion also attracts other members of Sesshoumaru's family: Inuyasha and the others arrive at Ongokuki's cave.

When the exterminator team's tactics fail against Sesshoumaru, Ungai tries the personal approach. The monk throws everything he has at Sesshoumaru but Sesshoumaru blasts the smug exterminator with a strong shot of power. Ungai is knocked to the ground, his staff shattered and his team out cold. Inuyasha and the others watch from the woods, unsure what they just witnessed! Sesshoumaru calls Rin, but Ungai has one more ploy. Grabbing Rin's hand he tells her that her place is with humans. Rin just smiles, waves goodbye and happily scampers after Sesshoumaru. Ungai is defeated and dumfounded.

Morning finds the kidnapped children reunited with their parents and Ungai realizes why the kid in the red kimono gave him such a strange feeling the night before … Although Ungai can't leave without a parting remark to Inuyasha and the team, the old monk may has grudgingly realized not every demon is bad. Meanwhile, Sesshoumaru and Rin are reunited with an exhausted Jaken and their unique little "family" continues their quest for Naraku, together once more.

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